Inhale. Exhale. Elevate.

Guided meditation sessions that incorporate painting and music for an enjoyable, relaxing, and healing experience. 

Let us help you achieve your inner equilibrium

We aim to re-energize and refocus the mind & soul through our peaceful art therapy to let you express yourself.

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Medipaint Classic

Experience our original method of guided meditation with painting and music

Ganja Yoga + MediPaint

We incorporate the calming and healing properties of CBD and THC with yoga, meditative painting, and music

Private / Corporate

Enjoy any of our meditation and yoga services exclusively with your friends, family or coworkers
  •  I would recommend MediPaint to everyone! I was a bit unsure about how it would go since I don’t consider myself to be very artistic, but it completely exceeded my expectations! Valerie was an amazing facilitator and made me feel very comfortable, calm, happy, and safe to paint however I wanted to. I left the session with a clear and relaxed mind and an awesome painting that I’m actually proud of!

    Serena McDonnell

    MediPaint Classic
  • The entire experience was very welcoming, artistic and homely. Both Valerie and Jai are such wonderful human beings and hosts. They led us into a meditative trance where we could explore our emotions through painting. Love the idea and I came out meeting a lot of cool people and a beautiful painting!!! Will love to experience this again!

    Rohini Singh

    MediPaint Classic
  • I went to the Ganja event and left feeling peaceful and relaxed.The energy was incredible, I loved the conversation we had and appreciated everyone being there! The meditations and painting was my favourite part. I Can’t wait to do this again!!!

    Felecia Coker Danciu

    MediPaint Ganja

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