Behind MediPaint

MediPaint was created for YOU!

In a world that is so “busy”, to say the least, MediPaint was started with the mission to encourage the practice of meditation and mindfulness to help re-energize and refocus the minds & souls of as many people as possible. Just trying to make waves of good vibes!

MediPaint was made for you.

For me, practising yoga started mainly with a physical health focus – to maintain flexibility and posture, strengthen and tone muscles, etc. I didn’t start the practice of meditation until years after I started practising yoga, and what a difference it has made, not just in my practise of yoga, but in my life! Practising mindfulness relaxation and meditation has shaped my ongoing journey with spirituality, gradually changing the way I react to and interact with others, which is much more empathetic and therefore productive than my communication used to be. I live happier and grow through my practice of focused reflection, acknowledgement of my emotions and whatever may be happening around me, and then letting go of what does not serve me or contribute to my highest good. I want to share and spread this light – if more people practised self-awareness, focused reflection and meditation, I truly believe the world would be a better place. It all starts with OURSELVES.

MediPaint Meditation Coach Valerie Chin


Mental illness awareness has been on the rise in North America, which is great, but there’s still a gap – just because you are not “ill”, does not necessarily mean you are “well”.. Beginning in grade school, through university and eventually to full-time corporate jobs, growing up in the city has been a constant rush of never ending lists of things needing to be done “to get to where you want to be”, while still maintaining a social life. I know the anxieties that arose from the pressure of becoming “successful” are not unique to me.

Going through the rites of societal growth, meeting all sorts of people on various journeys, I realized that so many people are barely living (and I mean REALLY living) in their present states. When asked, they aren’t necessarily unhappy, but so many “would rather be — ”. There are brief moments of pleasure and relaxation, but there is so much pressure within and around all of us that people often forget to breathe… Many forget to be present, they forget self-awareness, they forget empathy… they forget that true peace and happiness comes from within. Their days suck, their relationships with friends and the people they work with are weak and they’re constantly just busy with stuff they have to do… This is not to say life should be a permanent holiday; but we must make the most of it. We all face our own individual challenges, but there’s something to be said about being aware of and enjoying journeys while we’re on them. This is what I want to remind you of; to encourage and empower you with techniques and skills to live better, stronger and happier.

Why painting?

Art therapy has been used for decades as a form of psychotherapy to help children, those dealing with mental illnesses, traumatic situations, and/or who are struggling with day-to-day life for various reasons. This is not art therapy, but it is similar in the sense that MediPaint sessions are meant to help you subconsciously express yourself and get to YOU. This may sound intimidating, but I promise it’s not! The purpose is not to bring up all you deepest fears, anxieties or worries, but rather to practice being “by yourself”, calming your mind so that you can come back to your thoughts and possible problems later to acknowledge and reflect on them with clarity and calmness.

With MediPaint, I want EVERYONE to have the opportunity to bring out their inner creative and experience or try practicing meditation and mindfulness. The painting itself is not the focus of these sessions – it’s about YOU. Absolutely no experience or artistic skill is necessary. Whether it’s simply to relax / de-stress, explore your creativity with paint, or be in a deep meditative state, MediPaint is an experience and practice for EVERYONE that’s meant to be enjoyable, relaxing and healing.

With Love,

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